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  'Strader' a yearling Dash Ta Fame son destined for barrel horse competition. He is owned by Roy Quinn, long time friend/client of Darrell's. Roy has the distinction of having bred and shown APHA World Champion Halter Stallion Night Train. He and Darrell have been sharing their horse wisdom for decades. Home







In this video, a first saddling and working on the lines, watch the calm, quiet, partnership between trainer and horse. As Strader steps backward when approached with the saddle blanket, Darrell simply moves along with him, settling the blanket. When led back to the saddle, Strader stands quietly for tacking up. The consistent theme is 'no drama.'

In the lines, Darrell not only urges the horse to move around him, but begins teaching Strader to give to the bit, guiding him into smaller circles, teaching him to follow the feel while maintaining forward motion.

Notice that Darrell gets a willing responsiveness with no whip in hand. At the close of this session, Darrell moves in close to the horse and at arm's length 'rides' him from the ground, positioning himself alongside the saddle as they move together. This is the way Strader will see a rider eventually, and he is being prepared for that day.
If you're viewing on a smart phone you can use these You Tube links to Step 1 and Step 2 of training video.
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