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    Though Darrell is retired, you may enjoy reading about his methods….
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 In a lifetime of riding and training horses Darrell Bereuter has seen and tried every theory from old fashioned ‘bronc busting’ to all the shiny new ‘natural’ methods, and he can tell you for certain, they all, to a greater or lesser degree, work. You can, if you want, brutalize a horse into obedience, though why anyone would want to, is beyond understanding, given what is now known about training in kind, cooperative ways. It's all mental, it's FundaMental!

Over time, Bereuter has learned to ‘engage’ a horse mentally in the activity he's teaching; to participate in a responsive, willing, almost ‘happy’, way. They work hard, with Darrell repeating, rewarding, insisting if necessary, until the horse’s movements becomes a reflection of Darrell's thoughts, developing communication that surpasses mere physical direction. Ideally the horse will learn to think what Darrell is thinking and respond to that mere suggestion. "A horse will do what you TELL him", Darrell says. But for the horses he trains, it can be so much more subtle than that, an imperceptible shift in weight, a wave of a finger, a settling back deep in the saddle, these tiny cues can bend, turn, stop and back, a horse. The horses appreciate the lack of physical bumping and pulling and as riders appreciate the ease and sense of genuine oneness with a horse, that Darrell's training delivers

 A young horse, with a mental ‘blank slate’, incorporates these principles with ease, for he has no backlog of ineffective training to discard and overcome. Starting your colt with these techniques will prepare him with a firm foundation for a lifetime of riding. When a trainer takes command of the horse’s fundaMental awareness, respects his capacity to learn, and guides him with consistency, repetition and reward, the horse is able to accept advanced training into whatever skills are desired. Obviously the horse must be physically suited to the task, and Bereuter has been frank to tell his clients if he thinks a particular horse is not a proper candidate for their objective. Older horses can be retrained, but they have habits, cues, and training to ‘rewind’, so it’s a little more difficult for them

 Bereuter’s FundaMental Truths

Your horse will never be better than you are. He can be trained up, and you will be able to compete successfully until the edge wears off, but this is a two way street. You must have the drive to be his equal. Horses are naturally lazy; looking for the easy way. Peak performance can only be maintained by mutual effort; yours by practicing FundaMental principles, and his by continuing to ‘buy in’ to the concept

 All of these processes have been aided by Darrell’s ability to conceive and create custom tools for training. Hand crafted bits and bosals adorn the walls of his tack room and he’s developed a device for every enterprise. ‘Racer Rings’ his barrel training aid, teaches his horses to execute a barrel turn with precision, Even in retirement, his mind is active, designing and re-designing tack and tools to achieve optimum performance from his horses.