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The Missouri Horse Trainer
Darrell Bereuter

Rope 'n Tie Ranch
Cedar Hill, MO 6301

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    Easio by Iris Sports Bar 2007 AQHA mare. Barrel racer in competition.
Easio is ridden by Donna Grace Bereuter &
trained by Darrell Bereuter
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Easio Fall 2012 saw Donna return to competiton aboard Easio. Though Easio had done some exhibition runs with Darrell aboard during the summer, in September Donna mounted up and set off in her new barrel racing career. An exhibition run, followed by a rewarding 'real' run certified that this is a team with great promise for 2013.






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September 16, 2012 Sept 16 2012 October 14, 2012 Oct 14 2012  
In the beginning......... Easio didn't like cattle. Really, really didn't like cattle; found them quite scary. And of course, if you go to a Roping and Barrel Racing event, there are going to be cattle. So it took a few visits to the show and a temporary stocking of cattle at the Rope 'n Tie, to begin to create a more accepting spirit. Now, she still doesn't like cattle, but she can tolerate them and keep her mind focused on her job. Like her brother, Elliott, she has a smooth, flat, flowing gallop that eats up ground with maximum efficiency. Big brother is going to be severely challenged next year.