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Darrell Bereuter

Rope 'n Tie Ranch
8633 Byrnesville Road, Cedar Hill, MO 63016
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Darrell's goal in training for under saddle work, is to teach the horse to respond, through in-hand ground work, to all the cues which a rider will use when mounted.

To this end, he wants the horse to start, stop, back, and turn both right and left. With repeated practice of these ground maneuvers, the horse will have those cues  'built in' before the first ride. In this video, watch as 'Clinton' learns to yield to pressure on the bit, moving as Darrell guides him.

At this point in training, Darrell is not concerned about perfect frame, or cadence. This is the very most basic phase; Start, Stop, Turn, Back up.

Refinement and finesse will build on this foundation as Clinton's training progresses.

Zippin Clinton Cuervo. Two year old Paint, just beginning training









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