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This video shows Clinton 26 days into his training. See how he has incorporated his early ground work to enable him to carry a rider with no hesitation. He has been mounted regularly from either side, and is learning to maneuver all his 'parts' in response to Darrell's cues, going both forward and backward. He readily responds to a request to yield his hindquarters or forequarters, and he is performing all gaits. Darrell is gradually introducing the neck rein in concert with the direct rein. Clinton stops with alacrity, when asked. Note that it requires no tugging on his face, just the realignment and 'settling' of the rider's seat in the saddle or a barely audible "Whoa". Clinton's head/neck carriage is, for the most part, level, without restraints or artificial aids and he is performing in a relaxed fashion on a loose rein...

Zippin Clinton Cuervo. Two year old Paint

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