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Darrell Bereuter

Rope 'n Tie Ranch
8633 Byrnesville Road, Cedar Hill, MO 63016
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After a lifetime of riding and training for clients, Darrell Bereuter has now retired to enjoy the horses he has trained for himself, and for Donna ...
In his ‘working’ career Darrell discovered that almost everyone who owns a horse, at some time or other, is in need of the help of an expert horse trainer. It could be a horse that was so good, had so much ability, that to achieve its maximum potential, it needed to be placed in the hands of a professional trainer. Or maybe the reverse is true; the horse had a problem that the owner just had not been able to solve. It could be that a client and horse needed help 'getting together'. Darrell used his unique ability to size up a horse and rider, and work together with them, achieving true unity. Horse owners looking for a horse trainer in Missouri were fortunate to be close to one of the best trainers in the business.
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Elliott and Darrell Bereuter
Strader and Darrell Bereuter
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Easio and Donna Grace Bereuter
Many ‘broke’ horses learned a new skill under Darrell’s tutelage.   Barrel racing is Darrell’s current favorite sport and he’s tuned and trained many successful prospects. (see Elliott run). But he also worked with Western Pleasure mounts and has calmed trail horses, exposing them to the great outdoors and eliminating the ‘spook’ factor. As to horse training, Darrell’s philosophy is that probably the most important learning period in a horse's life is early, basic instruction. The dividends of a young horse, well prepared, are beyond calculation. Colt starting has been a specialty with this operation. The colts coming out of training at the Rope ‘n Tie Ranch are settled, responsive, soft, and they know how to go. Maybe more importantly, they know how to stop. Read through the Missouri Horse Trainer site pages which thoroughly explain the views and methods of Darrell Bereuter and provide extensive biographical and pictorial information.
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